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The St. Aidan Spring Track Program is open to boys and girls in grades K – 8 who live in the St. Aidan parish or live in adjoining parishes that do not have their own track program, including residents of Albertson, East Williston, Mineola, Roslyn, Williston Park and parts of New Hyde Park. Track team members will participate in meets, which are held at various locations throughout Nassau County. Practices are typically once or twice per week depending on space availability. There are both boys and girls teams for each grade.

We want the children who participate to enjoy the program and emphasize team over individual accomplishments, with the majority of races being relays.

It is also our endeavor to train members of the team so that they develop speed, strength, and endurance. The children who regularly attend practices and meets will all improve their fitness levels and times significantly over the course of the season. For children who play other sports, participation in the Spring Track program will provide a tremendous boost to their speed, endurance, and fitness levels.

Meet Schedule:

Track meets are going to be limited this year due to the low number of parishes running a program.  However, we will be looking to have some intramural meets

The Program:

The track program is divided into boys and girls divisions, and split by grades: K – 3rd, and 4th – 8th.  This program is run by volunteers and the only way to have continued success is for parents to assist and volunteer.  It is also a great way to share in the overall experience as well as to support your children.  WE NEED COACHES AND ASSISTANTS AT ALL LEVELS (no prior experience needed).


Practices are usually held during the week in the late afternoon or early evening and last about one hour*.  Children have very hectic schedules these days, and we know this, but we ask that every effort be made to have your children regularly attend practice. Improvement and success will only come with dedication and training.

Once the rosters are set up you will be notified of the time and location of your child’s practices. Practices are expected to begin the week of April 12th.

Uniform orders must be placed by March 31st.

No registrations accepted after March 31st!!!

For more information send inquiries by e-mail to

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Track for boys and girls grades K-8
Mary-Ellen Amatulli.

CYO Pledge of Sportsmanship
I pledge myself, upon my honor, to be loyal to my God, to my Church and to my Country.
I pledge myself to live a clean and honest life and to fulfill all my duties as a Christian.
I bind myself to promote by word and example clean and wholesome recreation.
I shall work and pray to be in all things the best person that I can be.
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